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Hydra Magic MesoTherapy Facial Care System

 Mesotherapy Device

Model: Hydra-Magic

Treatment Therapy
Hydra magic technology is derived from mesotherapy- "planting" the hyaluronic to mesoderm directly, achieve the purpose of skin moisturizing, dry and aging skin can continue to absorb moisture, the skin becomes shiny and elastic from inside out.

Hydra Magic is an injection-supportive device to be designed to help the users to operate mesotherapy easily and accurately with stimulation of mesoderm by using syringe with drugs. Also, as accurate quantities of drugs are administered to the desired depth of dermal tissues of patients, it can be used to patients to relieve pains with excellent effects.

1. Korea imported needles, 5 pins and 9 pins optional, thinner, and painless and no liquid leakage.
2. Light and smart handle, greatly prevent hand fatigue for long time treatment
3. Press sensitive automatic injection system, greatly reduce the treatment time, much more easy for operation, and avoid any acid leaking
4. Individual vacuum system, avoid blockage in the device
5. Portable and smart design, easy to carry to anywhere
6. Constant power-supply support working continuously

The Beauty Equipments use together with Hydra Magic, such as high Intensity focused ultrasound, Fractional Co2 laser, Q-switched ND YAG Laser, to improve the treatment effects, and especially for laser machines, Hydra Magic could greatly promote skin repair after laser treatment.

What Hydra Magic can do for you?
Recommended Medicine to Achieve effects
HA (Hyaluronic acid ) moisturize skin, Moisture Lock
HA+ PRP anti-aging, enhance the skin regeneration ability, skin repairing, remodeling
HA+ Boto fine wrinkles removal, Shrink pores, reduce the nasolabial folds , forehead wrinkles
HA+PDRN anti-aging, enhance the skin regeneration ability, skin repairing, remodeling
HA+ VC skin whitening, antioxidant, spot-fading
HA+ Placenta skin whitening, enhance metabolism, reduce allergic dermatitis, anti-redness
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