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Advanced Skin Analysis Machine, VSA

 Advanced Skin Analysis Machine, VSA

Model: VSA

What can do for you?
1. 100% accurate skin testing data, making more precise treatment
2. A strong visual communication tools, is more convenient to communication
3. Sustained and effective tracking results and progress
4. Pathology analysis system with facial image capture and analysis software

Treatment Theory
The Skin Analyzer System own two special lighting systems (RGB +UV) and smart skin analyzer software that allows two images (before and after beauty care) can be compared side by side, which is very different visual effects to be felt. Once the Skin Analysis System emits visible RGB light and safe UV light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently send back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital camera and analyzed by software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, then the images created from computer analysis show the skin condition and future prediction.

Skin analyzer can detect those skin problems, not only surfacial skin problem but also those hidden skin base layer through the quantitative analysis. It will put out these problems in the bud. So that you understand their own facial skin spots, flare, chloasma, red blood silk, wrinkles, skin texture, large pores, acne these eight problems. Skin testing data is 100% accurate.

Take use of a 18 million pixel camera, ordinary light, polarized light, UV light three kinds of optical imaging, 3D topography analysis technology, kinds of infrared image perspective and UV photography technology, can detect the facial skin color density, number of pores, wrinkles, acne, skin whitening degree and evenness, bad skin smoothness and cosmetics of varying degrees of damage to the skin to make qualitative quantitative analysis, according to the analysis result, proposed based on the skin the best individual treatment solutions, also can realize the entire computer numerical control records, save the file, implement detailed comparative analysis of different detection image across the period, making objective and scientific evaluation to the effect of treatment.

Analyze skin situation, detect spots, pores, pigment, wrinkle, ski roughness, UV pigment, color uniformity, HGB/erythema and acne. Check the quality of cosmetics of SPF and PA ++ as well, for reference of beauty solutions.

Facial skin scanner

Skin analyzer

Pixel 18 million pixel
Optical source Ordinary light, polarized light, UV light
Operation system Win7, Win8, Win10
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