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Cold Air Skin Cooling Device

Model: SCD-2016

What is SCD-2016?
SCD-2016 is a skin cooling device for all laser treatments, can work with diode laser, fractional Co2 laser, ND-YAG laser, IPL, SHR etc. It can generate cold wind to surface of skin in laser treatment, to protect superficial skin from burns.

Treatment theory
Skin cooling device adopts advanced refrigeration technology to produce cool wind. It can cool epidermis, release pain and extend working time.

How does it work?
SCD-2016 skin cooling device uses an air compressor takes atmospheric air in, and then compress it, at last force it into handle and finally works at skin surface. We can adjust the temperature of the cold wind from-20℃to 0℃.

Work for
Fractional laser
Co2 laser
ND-YAG laser
808nm Diode laser

Protect superficial skin from burns
Make laser machine work longer

1.SCD-2016 can provide continuous epidermis cooling protection throughout the treatment, which lowers the risk makes machine can use higher energy
2. Work with all kinds of laser machines, avoid epidermis burns.
3. Three modes can be changed to protect machine
4. Temperature is adjustable, -20℃ (Min) to 0℃
5. There is 2 mins between start and stop, can protect the whole machine

Compressor power 280W
Radiator power 80W
Skin cooler power 800W
Maximum cooling capacity 900W
Maximum air volume 3000m³/h
Input power 2500W
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