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Medical Protective Suit

Medical Protective Suit
Features of Protective Suit
  • Impermeability
    Hydrostatic pressure of key parts of protective suit should not be lower than 1.67kpa(17cm H2O)
  • Resistance to synthetic blood penetration
    Protective clothing=resistance to synthetic blood penetration should not be lower than Table 3, intermediate 2 requirements
  • Breaking strength
    The breaking strength of the key parts of the protective suit should not be less than 45N
  • Filtration efficiency
    The filtering efficiency of non-oily particles in the key parts of the protective suit and the joints should be not less than 70%


  • Hooded Design
    Elastic design at the cap opening, fully wrapped, effectively blocking dust and microorganisms
  • Zipper Design
    One-piece zip for easy putting on and taking off, and placket cower protection
  •  Cuff Design
    Wrist and ankle contraction to isolate external dust and bacteria
  • Waist Shrink Design
    Tighten the waist so that it fits well to meet the needs of different statures.
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