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Medical Isolation Gown

Medical Disposable Hooded Coverall Suit
Medical Isolation Gown
  • Meets the technical requirements for CE&FDA.
  • The medical isolation gown features enhanced water resistance, synthetic blood penetration resistance and surface moisture resistance, effectively preventing particles.
  • Class 5 protection (limited liquid splashing).
  • PE coating enhances resistance to liquid penetration, and is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and nonirritating, etc. High elasticity offers free movement.
  • 3-layer polyene SMS non-woven fabric is made of waterproof, dust-proof and breathable ultrafine fabric. Both the front and back of the microfiber are coated with polypropylene, which increases the resistance to mechanical wear.
  • SMS Non-Woven Cloth
    • Dense texture, good tensile resistance, waterproof, breathable and oil-proof
    • Good Breathability
    • SMS non-woven fabric, one-way breathable, highly effective antibacterial, can quickly volatile internal heat
    • Anti-fine Particles
      Filters fine particles, dust, etc.
    • Effective Isolation
      Effectively isolate various external liquids, filter volatile gases, and avoid direct contact.

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