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HIFU Facial Skin Lifting Machine, FG 660-A High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine

 HIFU Facial Skin Lifting Machine, FG 660-A

Model: FG 660-A

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Principle
Use high energy ultrasound focusing the treatment position, so that the skin tissue create the thermal, and make high-speed friction cells to stimulate collagen. Such heat effect will not hurt the epidermis, because the treatment fast and direct access to the treatment site within 0-0.5 seconds, without touching the surrounding tissue and can be passed directly to the superficial tendon membrane system (SMAS), so it can be done firm skin while pulling the muscle layer, thin face up to the progressive effect.

1. Suitable for people over 30, the skin just started to enter the aging, a single therapy can help accelerate the active cells, and the treatment effect is more significant and long-lasting
2. Suitable for people over 40, the skin issues has appeared sagging and loose, we recommend use different technologies of treatment to ensure effective retard aging and significantly improve the skin problem (skin lift, collagen remolding)

Treatment position
1. Forehead
2. Cheek
3. Chin and neck such as sagging skin aging phenomenon

1. ultrasonic transducer: Germany transducer imported and can ensure the penetrate depth and accuracy of spots
2. Actuator: 100% imported, which can keep accurate uniform space between spots
3. Quick & short treatment time: 30 MINS one face treatment
4. SMAS contraction: collagen remodeling , elastin fiber contraction
5. None downtime: skin just become red within the first several hours , then skin recover
6. Instant result will be checked from the second month to the nine month , good result will last 2-3 years

Energy type High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (high intensity focused ultrasound)
HP number 1
Cartridge 4.0MHz @4.5mm--10,000 shots
7.0MHz @3.0mm--10,000 shots
Quick details
Manufacturer Yes, since 2005
OEM&ODM Yes, we have a professional research & development group of 80 people
Clinic training offered
After-sales service offered
Type undefinedundefinedStationary
Certificate CE
Brand name ADSS
Place of Origin Beijing China (Mainland)
Packaging Detail Aluminum alloy case
Delivery Detail 3-7 DAYS
Transportation By express (DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FedEx);
By air express to airport;
By sea
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