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Cryo & Cavitation Body Shaping System

 Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine, FG 660L-006

Model: FG660L-006

Treatment principle
The fat loss equipment utilizes the cryo and multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation technology to body slimming. The freezing technology of cryo allows instantaneous temperature of subcutaneous adipose tissue from -6℃ to -10℃, then the fat cells will gradually decline, and then eliminate from the body by lymphocytes. The multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation produced by our fat loss equipment will melt the freezing solidified fat cells, so that accelerate aging of fat cells and rapidly eliminate, and ultimately to achieve long-term slimming of local depth.

The Cryo & Cavitation Fat Loss System is the new generation of design for body slimming, body shaping. The fat loss equipment is the advanced product for hi-tech body slimming, of with stable function. Uses two probes which can help you achieve treatments anywhere. The multi-frequency of cavitation what we used in our fat loss equipment is the latest ultrasonic cavitation technology. It can help salons create much benefit.

System introduction
H1: Small size of cryo handle for small area treatment, for example neck, under legs, arms…
H2: Big size of cryo handle for big area treatment, for example back, chest, abdomen, thigh, buttock…
H3: Dual-frequency cavitation (40.5khz + 28khz) handle for multi-frequency ultrasound cavitation treatment

Face thinner, skin tightening
Fat reduction, cellulite reduction
Body slimming, body shaping
Weight loss, body contouring
To promote and accelerate the body's metabolism

1. Cooling temperature control: Exact cooling temperature controlling in clinic, reduce error to ±0.6 ºC
2. Instant cooling result as setup, best quality peltier chips is of 16 times better than others, even if 40℃ in operation room
3. 2 cryo handles can works at the same time for two different person or two different areas of same person, high efficient.
4. Long lifespan more than 5 years, 80% spare parts imported and can ensure high quality and stable function

1. 2 in 1 system: cold therapy/ cryo and multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation.
2. 3 handle facility different area treatments at the same time
3. LCD screen on each cryo handle, which greatly easy parameters setting during treatment and enhance efficiency
4. South Korea imported pump, best suction performance and quite during working

Power Supply Output 1000W
LCD display S1: 8.4" color touch LCD screen;
S2: 3.5" color touch LCD screen;
S3: 3.5" color touch LCD screen
Ultrasonic Frequency 40.5KHz + 28KHz
Ultrasonic Power 50W/CM2
Vacuum Pressure 0 ~ -1Mpa
Handles Number H1: for small area treatment;
H2: for big area treatment;
H3: for multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation treatment
Shots Number no limited
Cooling System water + wind + semiconductor
Skin Cooling 0~ -10℃
Cooling Temperature -10 ~ 10℃
Working Time continuously / time setting
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