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6 in 1 Multi-function Slimming/ Metabolism Acceleration Machine

 6in1 Multifunction Slimming Machine, FGA16

Ultrasonic cavitation+RF+vacuum
Model: FG A16

What's the 6S?
6S Beauty Equipment, is a multi-function product in international market now that Research & Develop by ADSS company (full company name: Beijing ADSS Development Co., Ltd.) and also the unique design in China. It's professional for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, skin care, skin lift, body slimming, cellulite reduction and massage; and able to create a new profit growth for various beauty salons according to the experience of our customers.

How many handles?
H1: Monopolar RF handle: with 2 probes (dia. of probes: 16/32mm)
H2: Bipolar RF handle: with 2 probes (dia. of probes: 16/32mm)
H3: Tripolar RF handle
H4: Ultrasonic cavitation handle
H5: Ultrasonic cavitation + monopolar RF handle
H6: Vacuum absorption + tripolar RF handle

Skin rejuvenation
Wrinkle removal on face and neck
Skin care
(Facial)Skin lift
Face shaping, body slimming
Fat reduction, cellulite reduction
Fatigue relieving, massage
Metabolism improvement and acceleration

1. France USA "plug and play" handle connector integrates with perfect water-electricity isolated system inside; enhance the stability of performance and easy maintenance and repair actually
2. Korea imported vacuum pump, best suction performance and quite during working
3. Taiwan imported power supply block, of course, powerful power supply as long continuous operation
4. Intelligent system—6 different system (means 6 programs), also with 6 handles
5. According to the experience from our customers worldwide, you can believe its function and performance

LCD display 8" TFT color touch LCD
Cavitation Frequency 40.5KHz
RF Frequency 6Mhz
Vacuum Pressure 0~-0.1Mpa
Cavitation Power 50W
Number of Handles 6
Working time continuously / time setting
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