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Thermal RF Tightening Treatment

 Thermal RF Machine

Model: FTRF-008

Thermal RF: Use fractionated uni-polar RF to treat common signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging facial skin without damaging the outer layer of skin, effects lasting 2 years.

1. Wrinkle removal
2. Skin tightening, Skin lifting

1. 10.4" color touch screen shows dignity
2. Friend user manual, safe, easy operation
3. Germany ODU connector, safe and durable
4. Japanese button, durable performance lasting 20 years more
5. Intelligent control output energy, it makes tips use in safe and efficient condition
6. Human- based handle design, comfortable operation, avoiding tired operation
7. Non-invasive treatment, no scar or pigmentation after treatment

Display 10.4"color touch screen
RF Frequency CRF 20MHZ
Output power 1000W
Maximum energy 60J/CM2
Frequency 1-3 adjustable
Handle 1 piece
Tips with machine 10pcs
Treatment area 15.6*15.6mm
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