Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser spider veins removal

 Single Pulse 600mJ

Model: FG 009

Treatment therapy
The Q-switched ND YAG laser takes specific wavelengths light in high energy, which are absorbed by the pigment and shatters the pigment into particles, breaking them into very small fragments, some parts will consequently bounce out of the skin and the other parts will spilt even further into minute particles; which eventually will be engulfed by the phagocytes and ultimately gets eliminated by the lymphatic system.

1. Pigment deposit dispelling
2. Tattoo removal
3. Eliminates the age spot, birthmark
4. Spider veins
5. Skin rejuvenation

Laser type ND YAG Q-switch laser
Wavelength 1064nm, 532nm
Single-Pulse Energy 600mJ
Treatment probes 3
Quick details
Manufacturer Yes, since 2005
OEM&ODM Yes, we have a professional research & development group of 80 people
Clinic training offered
After-sales service offered
Type portable
Certificate ISO 13485
Brand name ADSS
Place of Origin Beijing China (Mainland)
Packaging Detail aluminum alloy case
Delivery Detail 3-7 DAYS
Transportation By express (DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, Fedex);
By air express to airport;
By sea
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