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Vacuum Shape (velashape slimming machine)

 Vacuum Shape Slimming Machine, VS+

Model: VS+

Treatment principle
Vacuum Shape Plus is short named VS+, is a breakthrough in aesthetic field. It combines with 6 technology that vacuum, radio frequency, infrared light, 635nm diode laser, dual frequency (40.5KHz and 28KHz) cavitation and mechanical roller. With the combination, VS+ can solve all problems of fat reduction, also achieve body circumference reduction, skin lifting etc. It is an easy, comfortable, non-invasive procedure that offers a deep, therapeutic treatment with no downtime.

1. Wrinkle removal
2. Skin lifting
3. Skin tightening
4. Skin surface smooth
5. Eyelid area treatment
6. Body shaping
7. Body slimming
8. Cellulite reduction
9. Massage
10. Body circumference reduction

1. Germany imported handle pipes, large approach scope, 4 meters long more, to facility long distance treatment and movement
2. USA imported "plug-and-play" handle connector, safe and convenient connection and ensure stable energy transmit
3. Japan imported 635nm diode laser, powerful energy output to approach instant treatment result
4. Korea imported vacuum pump, best suction performance and quite during working
5. 4 handles offer multi-function

LCD Screen 10.4" color touch screen
Output power 2000W
Screen on handle a) 2.4"
b) 1.9"
RF frequency 20M CRF
Laser type 635nm diode laser (Japan imported)
Laser power 0~200mw
Laser wavelength 635nm, 940nm
Infrared light 940nm
Handpiece 4(Auto identification)
Handpiece 1 Vacuum: 1-5
Infrared: 0-20W
RF energy: 0-100J/cm2
Pulse: 1-10S
Handpiece 2 Vacuum: 1-5
Infrared: 0-20W
RF energy: 0-100J/cm2
Pulse: 1-10S
Handpiece 3 Vacuum: 1-5
Infrared: 0-10W
RF energy: 0-50J/cm2
Pulse: 1-10S
Handpiece 4 Cavitation: 28KHz + 40.5KHz
Cavitation power: 1-5
Infrared: 0-20W
Interval: 1-5S
Pulse: 1-5S
Wireless smart IC card
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